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Home Page News The days of sema peformances : Everyday, hour: 19: 30
  • The days of sema peformances : Everyday, hour: 19: 30

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    Mevlana Muhammed Celaleddin Rumi ( Jalal al-Din Muhammad Rumi ) is a great lover of the Divine Truth. He is the master of love . He himself is love . To those who asked what love was he answered thus.

    "Be like me and know ; whether in light or darkness , until you have been like this you can't completely know love."

    The Mevlevi Sema Ceremony :

    Mevleviye are known for their famous practice of whirling dances and dervishes. At their dancing ceremonies, or Sema, a particular musical repertoire called ayin is played. The Sema ceremony represents a mystical journey of man's spiritual ascent through mind and love to Perfect.

    Program starts with the classical turkish religion music concert performed by a traditional orchestra for 15 minutes. Then after The ceremony starts and lasts about 45 minutes under the amazing lighting and mystic atmosphere of Samakhana.

    1- The days of sema peformances (Whirling Dervishes Ritual )

    Everyday, hour: 19: 30 (In addition, groups Monday, Wednesday and Fridays off ceremony is scheduled.Those days are not taken individual person.)

    2- Everyday Ticket fare :

    Adult     : 50 TL ( 1 person ) (23 Euro )

    Student : 40 TL ( 1 person )(Under 21 years old) ( 19 Euro )

    Cancellations and Changes:

    This Activity can be changed or cancelled without penalty at any time prior to 12 hours before the date of the activity.

    Advance Reservation Required - Please Contact

    Reservation Request Form:

    3- The places of sema peformances( Whirling Dervishes Ritual ): SultanAhmet Cankurtaran Mevlevi Ismail Dede Efendi House, Kizlaragasi Mehmed Aga Medresesi Culture and Arts Center, Cemberlitas Firat Culture Center, Sirkeci Train Station Event Hall, Galata Mevlevi House, Yenikapi Mevlevi House.

    4- Photography is allowed just for the ones who does not use flash and tripods.

    5- There is no seat number, we kindly ask you to come to the avenue around 19.00.

    6- No applause until the end of ceremony. Sema is a spiritual act, so please DO NOT applaud while watching. You may kindly do so, if you wish, after the dervishes have left the stage.

    Via e-mail, Reservations required this information for;

    1 - What is the date you want to join the Show.

    2 - Group name and surname of the person responsible for what is it?

    3 - The number is how many people will attend the show?

    4 - What is the responsible person's mobile phone number?

    Call Center :

    PHN                         :   +90 505 - 678 06 18        /    +90 535 - 210 45 65

    e-mail                       :

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